A complete guide on travel hacking

Travel hacking is what you probably heard about but do not know how exactly it works. Hacking word may tend to give a feel of some shady activity but actually it is same as gym hacking means taking advantages of certain offers, discounts and incentives for saving money. It is not only legal but actually an encouragement for all. The best part of it is earning reward points, miles and status in exchange of free flights with accommodation. The banks purchase millions of points and miles in bulk from these hotels and airlines so that it is distributed as signup bonus and incentives for all new customers. So it winning for all involved in it.

These bonus and incentives together with some hacks give way for big trips in small budget. So explore the world you have dreamed about and travel often even without spending any money. Travel hack is all about minimizing cost of travel by travelling more and further.
Free Flights with accommodation
Travel hack keystone is maintaining multiple accounts of points and miles of frequent flyer. As the balance gets build up by each travel, you can redeem those points and miles for valuable rewards across the world. The simple way to get start is sign up first for the frequent flyer program that your airline tickets provide and loyalty program of your choice of hotel chain. Most of the top brands offer some kind of loyalty schemes for keeping up with customer but best part is you will get their benefits and upgrades when you use that brand repeatedly. Nothing is there that stop you from signing up with multiple loyalties scheme and if you are more serious with travel hack this is the time then to do it and get free flight with hotel.


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