As avant-garde as its creator, so we are in Big Foot Tools, we have excellent parts and tools such as the Big Foot Peashooter.

In Massive Foot Resources we take into consideration that our equipment have an old-fashioned quality, which you will not necessarily find in major stores, and that’s something that we have been proud of. The highest priority is usually to provide the customers along with excellent assistance and unequalled tools, which in turn reflect better, stable, durable and safe designs wherever. We make parts that individuals would acquire ourselves to your work site because we have proved helpful in the industry. That’s how good were.

We are a firm that we think about we do not type in the average, but we do not have to be since those that acquire our tools aren’t either. Our own tools are generally state-of-the-art, thanks to a guy who worked as a framer as well as carpenter for up to three decades which determined that by adding a greater blade ( 7-1 And 4 Inch) SKILSAW he might cut Some x Some in a single reduce. And that’s how big is Foot Equipment was place on the road.
To know much more about whom we’re and the tools we have, we all invite one to access our own website Right now there you will see amongst other resources such as:
• The Large Foot beam cutting saw, important for any carpenter, a piece which it is possible to gain access to difficult, narrow and slim spaces that can not be reached using a hammer, as well as too high to succeed in from the terrain without a ladder.
• Our monumental SKILSAW 12 ¼ “adapter kit, actually created for the actual beam saw, and still include complete installing instructions.
• The Flush Drive, an exceptional and adaptable aluminum flush nailer, with repairing screws or even with mentorship nuts, and also including the Allen wrench. With a “C” formed discharge device to guarantee increased protection towards the nail firearm operator. It’s compatible with a number of brands.
Try not to be fooled because of your tool rep, always purchasing quality provided by the original Huge Foot Equipment with a 12 months warranty.


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