Blues Guitar – Love Blues Music? Take a Look at These Blues Music Festivals This Year!

For start blues guitar students, one of the greatest ways to learn is to expose yourself to the exact same genre which you’re trying to learn. It’s therefore recommended that you check out a few blues music festivals held during the year. A number of the most popular music festivals have been given at bluesrevue.

Chicago Blues Weekend
This festival is typically held between 14th to 16th of January in Chicago, Illinois. The festival is meant to collect a few of the greatest blues and jazz artists in Chicago wherein lovers of this genre are encouraged to attend such they can get a glimpse of their background and development of blues music from town.

For this year, you will find 3 west side places selected for the January 14 event wherein lovers can hear sounds of funk, soul, and blues. On January 15, it is possible to combine the Chicago Blues History Tour together with guides walking participants around famous spots in town which aided the genre flourish and grow. On the 16th, lovers of Buddy Guy will observe him perform live in a series called ‘Voices of Chicago Blues’ and can be one of the most likely part of the festival.

Juke Joint Festival
This festival is scheduled for April 14 to 17, 2011 wherein this year’s event is geared to commemorate the life span of this late Foster Wiley. He’s recognized as the music maker of Clarksdale and was part of past Juke Joint Festivals before he died last year. This event is available for all interested people but is recommended for vacationers, musicians, and lovers of blues songs. You will find a succession of performances scheduled for your event, in addition to displays and various sort of presentations linked to the genre.
Calgary Mid-Winter Blues Festival
This year’s event scheduled for February 21 to 26, 2011 is the fifth version of the yearly event. It’s held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada wherein the subsequent artists are expected to attend the event: Debbie Davis Band, Donald Ray Johnson Band, Robbie Laws Band, Mark Hummel & the Blues Survivors with Rusty Zinn, and Earl MacAuley. There’s also a larger event scheduled for this year, and this can be associated with the business. It’s the Calgary International Blues Festival due to take place August 1 to 7, 2011 with more artists anticipated to become part of this event.


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