Cryptography and How to Use PGP into Encrypt Data

PGP is a hybrid cryptosystem which means that it uSes both symmetric in addition to asymmetric encryption. Allow me to clarify

There are two Kinds of encryption

Symmetric encryption

When I send a you a key letter about which we’ve agreed that each and every alphabet has to be substituted by the prior 3rd one, then once I compose SECRET, I’d make S V, E H, C F and so on leading to VHFUHW. Once you get the letter, then you’d reverse every alphabet with preceding 3rd one providing you with the term SECRET. You see, the exact same key can be used for both encrypting and decrypting. In the event the letter gets to wrong hands, it is going to make no sense to him unless he understands the secret that we’ve agreed upon.

Asymmetric encryption

Asymmetric key includes two keys private and private. Anyone owning private key can decrypt data encrypted using its corresponding public key.

How GPG functions

GPG uses both encryption procedures. It encrypts a text using a key created with mouse movements and keyboard strokes and attaches the key together with the message so that the reciver may use it to decrypt the text. However, isn’t dumb to attach the key key with text that is like composing the agreed upon key 3 inside the correspondence at the symmetric encryption case above. No, it isn’t. Since the key can be encrypted using the public key. When the recipient gets the text, then he decrypted the secret together with private key and then use the key to decrypt the actual message.

In this tutorial, I am going to share with you how you can secure encrochat your sensitive data by encrypting using openGPG. GPG asserts three files under each user’s home directory under ~/. gnupg. They are:

1. Secring.gpg includes secret key 2. Pubring.gpg comprises public key 3. Trustdb.gpg asserts trust-levels i.e. net of hope of keys in public key ring



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