E-Cig: How to quit smoking?

Many people are always looking for an answer as to what is the method to let go of smoking once and for all and be able to spend a happy life without having the need and desire to smoke. Tobacco smoking is addictive due to the presence of nicotine as well as other harmful toxins such as tar, which is harmful for the lungs and other organs severely in the long run and cause a lot of health issues and may be a premature death. Electronic cigarettes have come out as an answer to all such queries and as an alternate to tobacco smoking.

Electronic cigarettes, sometimes called e-cigarettes, are basically a kind of cigarettes that instead of using harmful toxins and tobacco, uses flavored liquid, which turns to water vapor when exhaled and heated. Fitted with an atomizer and a lithium ion rechargeable battery, an e-cigarette is the best means for people to quit smoking gradually. An e-cig provides the smoking sensation that a smoker becomes habitual of and does not have harmful chemicals so a person may gradually fall out of the addiction with the use of an e-cig. These electric cigarettes serve the primary purpose of helping smokers quit this habit while sometimes having the occasional smoking sensation without causing too much harm to their lungs and body.

Although research shows that electric cigarettes still cause some problems to the lungs and are not completely safe and healthy, they can still be considered a fine alternate to the otherwise extremely harmful and toxic tobacco smoking, which is proven to be fatal. Not making these cigarettes an addiction and using them only for the purpose of letting go of the tobacco smoking habit should be the aim and anything otherwise would fall into the category of misuse of this technology.

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