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In AV Pure we are dedicated to holding prestigious events, with technological equipment that ensure an adequate advertising of articles and specialised customer service, supplying all the technical support to achieve optimum results.

All of us produce conferences that capture the attention with the guests, because of the contents and also presentations that are achieved from the rental of high-quality audio and video equipment. We’ve held occasions in The united states and we have got highly trained experts.

We offer electronic representations in 3D, we style both the halls and the demonstrations with audio visual equipment rental, lecterns, hanging, accessories and live programming, which make us the market leaders in this area.

Our own Audio visual rentals Toronto provides a high quality service to your client. We organize all kinds of festivals with the very best LED as well as LCD Movie Wall Rental equipment. For this, we care for previous Stockroom tests, using the excellent support team.

The av rentals have displays and Brought video and LCD of the most advanced. The television and contact screens range between 22 in order to 90 inches. We also have lift-up LED as well as LCD video clip walls.

The actual audio and lights installations are personalized, to make maps projections and high-quality preproduction solutions, with truss accessories, draping, and activation services.

Among the most crucial equipment, we have solar panels for exterior and inside, video walls, screens, with brightness, fullness, resolution, color, and velocity varied. We all install them in non-profit institutions, corporations, churches, colleges, hotels, and so forth.

These av Av rentals Toronto are intended to promote goods, entertain the public, commercial presentations and personalisation. We have projectors of famous brands such as NEC, Panasonic, Christie, as well as Barco.

We mix technical abilities and skills, to provide a special visual experience. Our professionals are usually certified regarding Coolux Pandora’s Box, Arkaos Media Master Expert and Resolume Market devices.

For more detailed information you can see our own social networks, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Youtube . com. You can also create the email, call 1-800-929-7089 or perhaps log on to the website


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