Find the net worth of world’s top five richest celebrities

People tend to get attracted more and more towards celebrity lifestyles with each passing day. There are numerous reasons for this. Some people try to copy them, while some tries to pursue a career like them. Now, to become a celebrity, people search for the amount of money these celebrities earn.

After all, everyone needs to know the amount of money someone earns from a particular profession. So how much do they really earn? Well, the answer is obviously huge sum of money. It’s a profession that can make you a billionaire. Let’s check the celebrity net worth of few of the richest celebrities in this world.
Top five richest celebrities
• Madonna
• Tiger Woods
• Jerry Seinfeld
• P. Diddy
• Dr. Dre
The American musician and performer top the list of richest celebrities all around the world. She has an estimated net worth of USD 910 million. She is also seven times Grammy award winner for her music albums.
Tiger Woods
The famous American golf player has a net worth of USD 900 million. Being the Nike-sponsored athlete, he is still the richest athlete alive.
Jerry Seinfeld
The American comedian, actor, and writer take the third spot in the richest celebrities list. He is estimated to have a net worth of USD 800-850 million. Besides being a movie actor, he is also a popular TV star loved by millions of fans worldwide.

P. Diddy
The 47 years old American musician has a net worth of USD 780 million. His Bad Boy WorldwideEntertainment group led the path for a successful career. Later, he became a part of the Sony’s EpicRecords.
Dr. Dre
Andre Young, the American musician, is also known as Dr. Dre. He started his career as a rapper, slowly evolving with time as a musician, and later a music director and mentor. You can look for more details about richest celebrities in the website i


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