HBOT – An Effective Treatment for Infections & Wounds

For medical and surgical treatments of different type of infections, hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) is a worthful adjunct as shown in many scientific studies because this is a great defense mechanism against infections, especially in the treatment of soft tissue infections and osteomyelitis. HBO has facilitating effect with the use of antibiotics and especially when it relates to anaerobic infections. Health care providers face major problems for infection. The treatment is sometimes ineffective because of non-healing of wound or infection. Many new treatments like negative pressure dressings and tissue flap reconstruction have been implemented as safe and beneficial treatments.

HBOT for chronic wounds
Chronic wound is a big problem and hyperbaric therapy (HBOT), the use of technique to administer 100%effective treatment oxygen at very high pressures, lot more than the atmospheric pressure is an effective treatment to speed up healing of wound or infection in clean and safe manner. This treatment has been highly suggested for various chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers and is widely used in medical institutes and hospitals. This is a type of treatment the mechanism of which easily matches with the body mechanism. Its use in sternal infection has proved to be practically effective, although theory may not prove the evidence.
How can you get HBOT procedure done?
This is kind of treatment where a patient doesn’t feel pain or discomfort except heaviness in ears due to change in pressure as you might have experience during air travel or on high altitudes. The patient may get entertained by listening to music or reading some book while inhaling pure oxygen from the device attached for this purpose. No needles or syringe is used in the whole procedure and it is quite safe and comfortable. HBOT is performed in the hospitals but there are facilities to make this treatment in your home by the expert clinician. However, this is safer to be in hospital because complete safety measures are taken by the hospital authorities.


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