How Company Registration Is an Important Part of Acquisitions and Mergers

Do you think that companies which help in Private Ltd Company Registration are only associated with this work? Well, that is far from the truth! There are a number of other associated points that require help of such services. Also, the process of registering a company can happen when acquisition or a merger takes place.

So, it is time that you know in detail about these various intrusions that can happen in a business domain and how registration process is a necessity in all these cases. Once you know these details, choosing a company that will help in this process becomes comparatively easier.

What is an acquisition?

In commercial terms, an acquisition implies buying of stakes of another company by the acquiring company. This is a typical growth strategy for the company, where the process can either be a friendly one or under hostile conditions.

What are the benefits?

This acquisition can lead primarily to a greater market share at reduced costs, which further help in expanding the reins of the company in foreign shores.

What is the procedure?

The steps followed are:

• Targeting the company

• Making contact and issuing of non-disclosure agreements

• Putting forth the letter of intent and final negotiations.

When the concerned company takes over another one, there is a specific company registration procedure that is mandatory.

What is a merger?

When assets of one company are completely transferred to another company, it is known as a merger. The primary benefits, in this case, are – union of common products and thereby expansion of the market.

What is the procedure?

• The scheme is approved, and shareholder have a meeting

• 21 days clearance time is given to the concerned company

• A tribunal is held, which is responsible for the passing of this final merger and certifying it.

If you are planning on taking any major step, regarding your company, it is imperative that you consult a quality Pvt Ltd company registration firm, who will help you with this process.


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