How Private Key is used?

These days, the ONT is becoming the trended one among everywhere. Have you got any idea about this ONT? The particular ONT is nothing yet Ontology Network Token. This particular ontology token is usually utilized to maintain a balance sheet of user’s data, data exchange and other activities. It is a lot more useful to software or software to collect the user’s data. Thus, the ONT method is getting added to the neon wallet. The neon users is deserving of the alert regarding the ONT Token Neon wallet. They’ve to add the ONT to their own details. Only then the consideration will be attached in a better manner.

Folks may not understand the steps for adding ONT Token Neon wallet to their own account. For that, the users might not know how to add this process to their consideration. Here, we are going to discuss the methods to add ontology token hash into their account by two various techniques.

Method One
Step 1: Some users may get the latest release notification regarding the ONT. Those people can simply login to their account plus they can like by exclusive key choice or any other.
Step 2: Once you logged inside, you can click down the “participate in a token sale” and then “Add brand new token to purchase” and finally strike on”Add new token”.
Step 3: Now, paste the particular “ONT Script Has” inside new wallet method to the selected place.
Method Two
Step 1: The users must ensure that when they have been new version using them. If they have thus, they can open the neon wallet and then click manage neon settings.
Step 2: Click Control tokens and then further choose add a new token.
Step 3: You’ll get a space which lets you to affix the “Script hash” over the token that is required.
Step 4: Click on save and your process is completed.
These are the 2 processes to add ontology token hash to the neon wallet.


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