How to Find Out the ASUS Router IP Address?

When your computer is connected with an internet connection, your computer gets an identity with the address. This name and addressare technically called an IP address. The networking software must know your IP address in order to connect you with an online connection. However, every manufacturer has its own IP address. For example, asus router ip address is different from a Belkin router.

How to know your IP address?
In any case, when your router is stuck, and you have to configure the router, you have to deal with the IP address. The IP address is the default gateway between the computer and the internet world.
You can find out the IP address through the following step;
• Open the control panel
• Click on ‘view network status and task’ on the Network and Internet tab.
• When a page pops-up, click on the name of your connection.
• As soon as you click on the connection, a page pops up with your IP address.
This is a normal process when you want to know an Asus router IP address or any other router.

How to find Asus router IP address on Windows, Linux, and OSX?
Irrespective of above steps, you can also follow the following simplesteps;
• Press win +r
• Type the command ipconfigfindstr/I “Gateway.”
• Your IP address will show up.
• Open window using ctrl+alt+t
• Type IP route grep default and press enter
• You will get the Asus router address.
• Press cmd+space and the terminal name
• Type the command netstat –nr grep default and press enter.
• You will get the AsusIP address.
An IP address is important for a web interface. To know more about the Asus router IP address you can follow the instruction manual that comes with the Asus router.


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