How to get clients as a football agent?

A football agent is a person who helps players get known, finds them teams to play in, sponsorship programs, promotions and training opportunities. But, in order to be a good agent, you need clients to work with. When you are just starting out in this business, how can you find clients?

First of all, you must find players who are looking to play in medium leagues, and not players who are looking to get famous overnight. Depending on your level of experience and knowledge as a football agent you should find appropriate clients. Keep in mind that you should find college players, for example, who are not looking for the big thing or high-profile agencies. Find customers who have high traits, high values and standards.

Second of all, if you are asking yourself if the medium players can achieve the next level, the answer is yes. The key is to make sure your clients have the minimum athletic abilities in the game, and these may include height, speed and a certain body type. Not all of your players will make it up to the big league, but if one does then you are a good agent.

But where can you get intel on players? Most of the experienced agents have access to college directors and area scouts, and even to GMs, who are sharing reports and intel on college football players. As a football agent, you should heavily relate to area scouts. You are more likely to get your information this way rather than in other way. But why are scouts giving away information? There are several reasons to that; they either need help with a new job or promotion, and agents can be very helpful in this specific process.

Therefore, as an agent, finding players is no really difficult. The more important thing is to find players who still keep values and high standards and still play a good game. click here to get more information poker.


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