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How to have a secure Facebook account?

Anything that goes popular not only attracts the positives but the negatives as well. Same is the case with Facebook, as it is a highly spread phenomenon all across the world but is also a common source of hackers to hack Facebook account and gain an unauthorized entry into the account of a user. However, there are certain tips one can follow in order to have a secure Facebook account, some of which are the following:

1. The password should be strong and uneasy to guess. Many users just use easy passwords for their ease but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Thus using a password with a mix of upper and lower case along with digits etc. is recommended for a secure account.
2. Passwords should not be the same for multiple websites as it is very much possible that if the password of one of your websites is known then the hacker can crack Facebook password easily.
3. It is important to choose a tough security answer for the security question. Do not choose a question or more specifically an answer that your friends may know about and can easily know about your login information with that.
4. With the advent of Facebook mobile, you should connect the Facebook account to your mobile so as to be able to attain recovery information on your mobile in case you are not able to access your account.
5. It is also recommended to activate the save browser facility if you use Facebook mostly from the same computer. It will notify you via email in case somebody else logs in to your account, thus preparing you to take according actions.
Hacking Facebook account is on the rise but if people take certain easy to follow steps for the protection, it is possible to avoid it.
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