How to identify as well as get rid of phone anxiety?

Anxiety is definitely something everyone needs to work on. It is a problem which needs to be addressed. However, there is something called phone anxiety, and not everyone knows about it. Therefore, the earlier you spot it, the better it is, because it gives you the scope to improve it.

Symptoms to identify phone anxiety
Here is a list of symptoms that will make you realize that you are suffering from this disorder. Try to take note of your behaviour and find out whether you have phone anxiety or not.
• You always try to avoid phone calls.
• You have a phobia of ordering food over the phone.
• Calls from unknown number make you sick in your stomach.
• You are afraid of making calls to the customer service or even to your friends and family for making small talk.
For some people it is not a big deal to deal with, these people clearly do not suffer from this anxiety disorder. However, those people who can feel the heat should clearly do something about it.
How to deal with the problem?
Here are a few easy steps which will help you get rid of your anxiety.
Firstly, try to make phone calls regularly to those with whom you are comfortable on the phone to improve the fear of talking to strangers. Slowly increase the community you are talking with. Try to increase the time span you spend on your phone. Try to make conversations which are bound to end on a good note.
However, the conversation does not have to be perfect. It is very natural to fumble at times, however; you also need to understand that nobody is going to judge you. Therefore, try to be patient and complete your conversation with the person.
One of the best ways to deal with anxiety is that you should use the phone speaker while talking; it helps a lot to get over the object of fear.


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