How tobacco and non-tobacco users can start vaping e-cigarettes

There are two main types of tobacco smokers. These include moderate smokers and heavy smokers. For such smokers to transition from tobacco smoking to e-cigarette smoking, it will require that they determine which strength is ideal for them. If you are a heavy smoker, the best slims juice to buy and use in an electronic cigarette is one with nicotine amounts of between 12mg and 18mg. It is possible to buy e-liquid of higher nicotine amounts than 18mg although this concentration can prove too much for first time electronic cigarette vapers. Starting small is also recommended as you can increase nicotine strengths as you continue vaping.

For moderate tobacco smokers, the best nicotine strength to consider in ejuice is between 6mg and 11mg. This strength is also good for those tobacco users who chew it rather than smoke it. It is also an ideal strength for those that take nicotine gum. If you are not a tobacco cigarette smoker and you just want to start vaping, the best e-liquid to buy should be one with less than 5mg of nicotine. This will be an ideal choice because it will enable you vape with higher frequency or you will be able to use more puffs just to get a similar nicotine amount. In addition, most electronic cigarette atomizers incline to generate a lot of vapor. This will however depend on the air flow provided by the atomizer and how the device was built.

There is also eliquid on the market today with zero nicotine strength. The 0mg nicotine strength is ideal for those people that want to enjoy vaping but do not want to absorb nicotine in their bodies. It is actually a great option for tobacco cigarette smokers who are trying to stop smoking nicotine. If you think you want zero nicotine in e-liquid, it is recommended that you consider buying a flavorful e-liquid to enjoy the vaping experience. click here to get more information Vape Juice Cheap.


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