Ideas to prepare for Madden NFL 18

Since the Madden 17 year winds down, both defensive and offensive approaches have been well recognized. A string of unrealistic blitzes are well known (through our buddies at YouTube) and much worse, offensive glitches such as ‘swerving’ are completely abused.
Lucky for us, the launch of Madden 18 should set an end to all this and also the player base will have to accommodate (hopefully into some new glitch free engine!). Bearing that in mind, let us look at how it is possible to prepare for madden nfl mobile free cash by fixing your play style today.

Quit Swerving
The swerve glitch involves choosing a receiver while the ball is in mid-flight and ‘swerving’ him away from the protector. This movement causes the guardian to likewise swerve providing you a free route back into the ball for a simple catch. It’s a glitch that is not mended in Madden 17 but was rectified for Madden 18.
For most H2H players it constitutes a big part of their offense (and unfortunately some pros as nicely!). As it will not be accessible in Madden 18, it is time to think of a new scheme and really play soccer theories.
Bottom line, STOP SWERVING!
No More Ball-Hawk
Let us face it, “usering” linebackers was unbelievably easy in Madden 17. Your competitor would snap the ball, you’d hold down Y and run round the area expecting to intercept. Pretty easy right?
In Madden 18, they’ve eliminated the ball-hawk characteristic. Holding down Y will bring about an early lead and leave your linebacker appearing silly. This way you can prepare for madden nfl mobile free cash by fixing your game play by simply going for the interception when the ball is thrown.


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