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There are paid subscriptions to the Tinder users. They were limited with the swipes they could do for the particular 12 hours period. Tinder plus allows with unlimited matches whereas the other users were restricted. They also announced with the limitations of using the app related to the different age groups. The age limit was bared with 28 over and below. This began a lot of controversies. Despite, there were lots of users still working on the app. The number just didn’t get reduced due to the payment regards.

The most common app
There are many estimated values regarding the usage of the app. Tinder has been used throughout the world by many users and is functioned with 30 languages. It has been covering up to 196 countries. Around 50 million people use the app every month with an average of 12 million matches happening every day. But to make these much matches, the swipes performed is about 1 billion. The age limit for the people to use this app is 18. The developers are at the verge of extending a new version to the people who are below this age bar.

They have been successful only because they came across with realizing and solving the issues and drawbacks of the previous versions. They also took some serious actions to prevent the illegal activities that happened in the other similar applications. There are around 68% male users and 32% female users. The app was designed and built based on the men’s psychology. The app can be used to find the perfect match for short-term dates. They can also get involved in their chats within the app and share their personal information if both the persons like each other.


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