Neopets Cheats: Games that should be played or avoided

You often play those games which rack us up to most points, and there are times when, regardless of your current skill level, you wish to focus on games that allow you to maximize your Neopoints. You should always get better as you practice it. There are times when your time investment is just not worth it. Neopets Cheats is handed to you as a golden opportunity to overcome all these problems.

Neopets Cheats 1 – The Best 5 Neopoints making games
Various types of games are present in the market which can be played to increase your Neopoints by using the proper Neopet Cheats. This does not mean that the games listed below are the most enjoyable ones, because there may be someone who is extremely talented in a game-play that is not mentioned in this list. In general, these are the games, which can easily increase your Neopoints.
1. The Gummy Dice Attack (Difficulty level – 4.1)
2. Destruct-O-Match II (Difficulty level – 4.7)
3. Kiko Match II (Difficulty level – 4.1)
4. Kou-Jung (Difficulty level – 4.6)
5. Hasee Bounce (Difficulty level – 4.4)
So, if you effectively use Neopets-Cheats in these games and even other games, you can have Neopoints, more than you’ve ever had before.

Neopets Cheats 2 – The 5 Games That Needs To Be Avoided
There are many Neopets games which are made easy by using Neopets Cheats to gain Neopoints, but there are some games which are not only boring, but they are downright bad. The list given below is some of the games, which are not at all helpful for gaining Neopoints but are just time-consuming and aggravating.
1. Race of the Apple Jacks to the Bowl (Difficulty level – 4.1)
2. Snowbeast Snackrifice (Difficulty level – 5.7)
3. Snowmuncher (Difficulty level – 4.0)
4. Petpetsitter (Difficulty level – 4.1)
5. Whack-A-Staff-Member (Difficulty level – 4.2)


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