Pros and Cons of using Giclee Varnish and liquid based varnish

Giclee Varnish popularly used by a lot of artists,it is one the most effective varnish as it protects the canvas from harmful ultraviolet light and other fluorescent whitening additives.

Canvas liquid varnish is specifically made for photo prints. There are generally three types of finishes in liquid varnish use by artists, and those are satin, matte and gloss, among which gloss is more widely used.

There are lots of advantages of using liquid varnish
• Provides UV protection due to nanometers additives.
• Safe and without solvent-oil.
• Seals the canvas from moisture penetration.
• Prevent the canvas from breaking, and the paint cracks while folding it.
• Extremely fast drying.
• No dilution is needed.
• An anti-bacterial ingredient for preventing the developing of mold and bacteria.
If you are a knob in this artistic field, you should use liquid varnish as it makes you work easier and more presentable.

You all may think why should use water based varnish? Well, there are tons of good reasons to do so like:
• It is environment friendly as it is non-toxic.
• No mixture or content of solvent oil.
• Does not contain any kind of acid, which may cause the ink on the print to be a smudge or fade.
• It can be cleaned with a moist cloth to give it a fresh and new looks after a period of time.
• It provides protection for the slight scratches from nails or contact with a sharp object on the surface of the canvas print.

Canvas print varnish such as Glamour ii Veneer works on both inkjet canvas and fine art paper; print varnish takes a little longer then the regular water based varnish. There is a drawback to using water-based varnish as it difficult to apply in humid weather. It gives of a dull appearance after application and is difficult to remove once it is dried.
Liquid based varnish is easier to use as it has lots benefits and is perfect for beginners.


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