Some Ways to Deal with Chinese Shipping Agents

Trade practices of China has been an issue of major concern for a long time. Despite all this, China is the leading exporter of consumer products, toys, electronics, and many more items to many countries of the world. Everyone knows that quality of the Chinese products is a big concern, but the businesses in various countries buy them because of low price. This offers the opportunity to the buyers to get a good profit margin on these products. Shipping of goods from China is also problematic, unless you have past experience of dealing with freight forwarding agents in China.

What are the major shipping concern?
The best way to order your shipment from here is via sea route, particularly if the shipment is too big. But the most important issue with sea shipment is the delayed transit from China. This doesn’t mean that shipping lines are not operating from China, but most problem is due to the freight forwarding companies over there which have no transparency in their dealings. Price is the key factor in shipping of goods and the Chinese freight forwarding companies often have variations in the quoted as well as the invoiced price. It is advisable that you pay freight in your country and book on fob shipping terms, unless you have past dealing with some agent and you can trust on its creditworthiness. Still, you should check other fees and charges applicable on your shipment, else they’ll levy some fees and charges which have no relevance with your shipment.

Good suggestion for importers
Before placing an order with the Chinese seller, you must ensure that the seller is agreed on FOB Shipping terms and sign a contract accordingly. Your first problem is over once you have signed the contract with your supplier. The next issue emerges when your goods are ready for shipment. It is advised to find a reliable shipping agent and get preform invoice for all your shipping costs.


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