Why the ultrasonic cat removal (מרחיקחתוליםאולטראסוני) has no effect on humans?

The ultrasonic cat removal (מרחיק חתולים אולטראסוני) is the technique in which the devices or the techniques are used which make the cats go away by producing the noise pollution for the cats. Actually, the fact is that the frequency range of different species is different. The human beings have the ability to listen to the noises that lie within the range of 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz. Will the cats and dogs have the ability to listen to much more sensitive noises? The noises, which are not even heard by the humans, are smoothly detected by these animals. And make them go away.

It was important for the animals to have the sensitive noise range. This is because the predators approach the prey with the silent feet and if they don’t have this ability then they will kill them easily. This thing has been used by the inventors in a very clever way. They have made the machines and the devices that make a constant irritating noise that lies within the frequency range of these animals but not the human being’s frequency range. And in this way, the ultrasonic cat removal (מרחיקחתוליםאולטראסוני)does not cause any sort of inconveniences for the humans.
The cat removal without toxins (הרחקתחתוליםללארעלים)is made especially for the cats. It makes the hindrances between their communications. They not only make it difficult for the cats to communicate with each other but also make it difficult for the cast to remember their tracks. In this way, they make the cats remember that a certain place is not the place to go and they move to anywhere else. The devices work the whole day and night making this thing sure that they don’t enter the house no matter whether one is present in the house or not, or the person is sleeping or not.


What are the things you can do for Pigeon removal?

Pigeons are undoubtedly the cutest birds on earth. They are really fun to watch. Many people love to keep them as pets as they are so good looking. Having one or two pigeons around your property is a matter of pleasure. They may increase the beauty of your garden. However, the presence of a large number of pigeons can be really troublesome as they may cause huge damage to your property. The presence of a large number of pigeons makes it important to take measures of הרחקת יונים (Removal of pigeons).

There are several ways by which these birds can cause damage to your property and vehicle. They can spoil the look of your home and cars with their droppings. Nests of pigeons in a large number can be troublesome too. Apart from these a very large number of pigeons around do not give a good look as well. If you are in search of the effective ways to control pigeon population around your house, here are some of the tips.
• Elimination of food sources- the best and easiest way for pigeon removal is by removing the sources of food around your place. If the pigeons will not find food, they will decrease their visit to your home and damage to your property.
• Sealing the roosting sites- you can block or seal all the roosting sites that invite pigeon to your house. You can fix all the places from where they can enter your home.
• Making obstacles- you can make use of the thorns and porcupines on your roof to prevent pigeons from sitting on your property and damaging it.

• Removal of garbage- you can remove all the things that attract these birds. Things like garbage and places that attract pigeon must be removed.
Traps can also be used as a measure of pigeon removal. They can be caught and sent to a much safer place that suits their habitat. Pigeon removal is also very important because they bring many diseases with them too.