Tiger balm- the many faced ointment

tiger balm is one such ointment that is associated with ancestry. Ask your parents or grandparents or great grandparents. The balm was definitely a part of their fast aid kit in fact it was a part of living just like a lip balm or face cream. This balm has saved us from hundreds of ailments and continuous do so. Headache, backache, leg pain, fever, cold and cough name common ailments and it has come to rescue. Tired after a day’s work or muscle or joint pain take some and rub it on the place, give it some time and you will be fresh as a daisy. If you are an athlete or sportsperson, this balm is probably your deity.

Tiger balm is very popular in the Asian region and has a Chinese formulation. What makes it the best in its league is the all-natural formulation unlike many other pain relieving ointments. It is quick and effective. It produces a local heat to the area where it is applied and reduces the pain quickly. That makes it the number one choice. Also, some people smell it when they are suffering from cold, the essential oils present in it keeps nose blockage at bay.
The tiger balm has not just one type but two different varieties of it are sold in the market. There is the red one and the white one. The red one has cinnamon essential oil. The main ingredient of the balm is camphor, menthol, essential oil from cloves. You probably did not know but this balm is just a pain reliever but it is also an insect repellant, it fights perspiration odors, provides relief from mosquito bite and can provide a soothing effect to light burn. Oh and smelly shoes? Put some tiger balm and see the magic yourself.