Gluten free lasagna at Gafell Food Service

Gafell also provides a food service for people who run cafes, restaurant, clubhouses or hotels. In Gafell’s wide of food services, one can find various meals ready-to-eat which can be enjoyed at various socials arenas to one’s heart’s content. Gafell delivers its services everywhere across Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories. They also have the perfect staples to start from while creating the menu for a particular café or restaurant.

It is common knowledge that it not possible for each and every restaurant to cook each and every dish from scratch. There are dishes such as bean pasta and gluten-free lasagna which they are not specialised to make. To make up for such shortcoming, Gafell delivers ready-made bases which restaurant can easily make on their own. All that the restaurants need to do is garnish with a slice of lemon, top the dish up with a bunch of herbs and serve with a fresh side of salad. The preparation process shall not be harder than that.

The food cooked by Gafell is something that everybody can eat and feel good about. Gafell combines traditional ingredients with new elements which offer healthy options such as black bean pastas. All these receipes are nutritionally calculated and prepared to deliver clean nutrition. In spite of having all this focus on the food nutrition, the food is does not have to compromise on the quality of food. The frozen food range of Gafell has many options such as best frozen lasagnas are perfect for bars, cafes, catering events or simply buffets.

All food prepared at Gafell is again gluten-free and the entire production is completely free from all gluten. The vegetarian trend is also huge and this has resulted in a rise in the production of the vegan dishes at Gafell.