How to stay safe when playing GTA 5 online

It is very important to stay safe when playing GTA 5 online. Safety in this game can come in different ways but two of the most ignored safety precautions are to wonder around on foot and carrying a lot of money in the streets. It is very dangerous to wonder around on foot in the streets of Los Santos. If you do not have a car or you are not using the invincibility GTA 5 cheat , wondering around on foot will be a poor approach of keeping yourself safe. It is possible to walk in these streets on foot. However, this should only be done when building stamina.

Wondering around on foot makes you a target of other players. You can easily be run over or shot by a sniper rifle from a distance. Moreover, it is impossible to escape from the police when you are walking on foot. This is regardless of the number of gta 5 cheats you use to escape from the police. If you do not have a car and you want to travel, consider stealing a car. This is better because it will get you far safely. Secondly, it is a mistake to carry huge amounts of money in this game.

In gta 5 modded game, earning money and success go together. Players in this game are always greedy and hungry. When you carry a lot of money, many players will try to eliminate you immediately they see you from a distance. They will eliminate you in order to take away the money you have earned so far in the game. If you earn some money as a result of completing a mission or doing a job, separate yourself from greedy players. Consider taking your money into the bank by following the prompts on “Money and Services”. You will access your bank and secure the money.