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In the ancient times the corporal alterations and the extends of ears had diverse meanings. These were seen one of the Incas, who positioned heavy gems in the perforations of the ears which ended up deforming the lobe leaving pointed forms. Within India, children’s ears were pierced and expanded with putty cylinders, and they displayed status. In the Buddhist religion it’s quite common to see figurines of Buddha along with elongated lobes which indicated fantastic wisdom; they’re some traditional references that have on the growth of lobes.

Nowadays they may be made for aesthetic rather than symbolic reasons; it can be seen as a type of self-expression. But it is not a decision that must be made with no the necessary info and accessories to make which stretch with the ear safe.
You need to know that you need to have a complete package of ear plug gauges, and a proper ear gauges calibration kit, due to the fact stretching the lobes too fast or perhaps too large might lead to permanent injury to the skin. Apart from that you must make use of sterile attaches to avoid infections.
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Where to find different ear gauges and models?

Body art is widely considered a form of style and expression by people all over the world. You may be able to find there are more people who are choosing to have some sort of body art done on them. Although these things were considered to be belonging to a cult or a social group earlier it is not the same these days. This is because of the number of people who choose to have body art done and stay as individuals. Many cultures around the world are said to have some sort of body art done on them to be able to belong to their specific society. It is common in parts of Africa and Asia to have specific body art done which belongs to their culture. Individuals these days choose to have body art done in the form of tattoos and piercing as well. The stretching of the ear lobes is also becoming common in almost all parts of the world. Once the stretching is done people choose to use ear gauges, tapers or rings in their ears. The process of stretching the ear lobes is not something which can happen overnight. One has to take the process one step at a time to be able to stretch the ear lobes in a safe manner.

There are ear gauges of different sizes which are available in almost all parts of the world. The sizes are specific to individuals and the extent to which they have stretched their ears. There are also different models, colors and designs in which the ear gauges come. One would be able to easily find them on the internet with a little bit of searching. It is also possible to get these gauges for ears in different models if one chooses than the traditional ones. There are even said to be organic gauges for ears one can choose to purchase from websites which sell them.