Why you should Use Pockit

If you want to give your teenage child, some financial freedom. Pockit is the debit card to look out for. Pockit is a card that you can get as an adult but allows you to have more 3 cards that you can give to your teenage children to make transactions without having to coming to you all the time. You children can make financial transaction where ever they are easily with no charges. You can easily upload fund to their account and they can’t spend more than what is on their card. Pockit is a great way to help your child become financially responsible early. You can let your child go about their own spending without coming to you.

Some of the features of pockit, includes the fact that it does not accrue any charges, unless in some peculiar cases. You can use you pockit card free as long as you use it. You can make transactions online with no charges. You would only get charged when you make ATM withdraws in the UK or make PAY point uploads. Pockit card is like any master cards but they are debit cards so, you don’t have to worry about not being credit worthy, This also mean that they do not accrue any debt because you can only spend the cash that you upload.
You can basically help your teenage handle money better by using the pockit card for his or transactions, both online and in stores. They don’t have to worry about charges as most of them are free, they can also get cash back from pockit when they shop in some specific stores. In some stores, you can get cash back for up to ten percent of your purchase made at a single time. With this you can make a lot of cash back in a given period of time. Pockit helps your teenager get even more financially wiser.
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