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Legality of TOR Technology in Electrum Wallet for Bitcoin

The trust of people is building in cryptocurrencies as innovations are making their use more practical and safe. Many new forms have come in existence and more will be available sooner or later. The concept that was gifted by Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin has become so popular that everyone wants to own Bitcoin today. Bitcoin has been reincarnated because people like it and wants to own it. Bitcoin Plus is being popularized like its forerunner. Bitcoin Plus Wallet is more advantageous for users because people need more simple and secured transaction and this wallet is fulfilling their demands.

Legality of new wallet
Bitcoin itself has not attained the legality status in most parts of the world despite its utmost fame and use. Its successor has the same status. Electrum wallet for Bitcoin Plus uses The Onion Router (TOR) free software which is known for its anonymity feature using onion routing that obscures the transaction details which is illegal for any real transaction. TOR encrypts the data and communication is messed like layers of onion which hides the Internet Protocol address of the Bitcoin Plus coin sender and transmits it through a virtual circuit which is safe from the perspective of the user, but any government can’t permit this to prevent illegal trade or activities. TOR technology in Electrum wallet for Bitcoin Plus has been applauded by usersfor providingprivacy to exposed internet use, especially by the political activists who have risk of surveillance and by ordinary people who have fear of stalkers.
Is TOR technology good or bad for Bitcoin Plus?
This is a vital aspect of consideration. Since TOR has no legal validation, it has risk of shutdown anytime by the government. Its security may be cracked to expose the hidden details and this risk is unavoidable. Some supporters of this technology consider it as a good tool for privacy protection where internet is censored. Thus, the use of TOR has become a controversial issue.