Which is the best among the super Mario games?

As you all know that super mario games are not only famous among the kids but also the adults. This game always reminds the childhood video game. In which the man named Mario had to save the princess named daisy from the villain. After saving the princess you have to leave the castle then only the game will end. The Mario games had more than 50 levels. At the starting you will be getting very easy level but while end level it would get really hard.

Among the super Mario games which one is the best?
Among the super Mario games, the best one is the super Mario galaxy. This game is high level designed with the graphic. The game will provide you with the 3d effect. The game is all about the about being traveling towards the galaxies and collecting the power. The developer had a little bit changed this version of the Mario games. As you all know that the Super Mario game is all about the saving the princess. But the Super Mario game is about different galaxies, not the earth. The player will experience the newly improved and different from other games of Mario
The following are the ranking wise super Mario game and they are:
• Super Mario Galaxies 2
• Super Mario World
• Super Mario Galaxy – this game was developed in the year 2007.
• Super Mario 64
• Super Mario Bros 3 – it’s all about the story of the two brothers.
What is the name of the characters in the Super Mario game?
The most famous name of the Super Mario games is the main character, Mario. While playing the game apart from Mario you will meet the following character and they are:

• Peach – which is the princess of the game
• Luigi – this character is in the Super Mario Bros
• Koopa turtle
• Toad Mushroom – which is also considered as the power of the Mario.
• Yoshi – the main villain
• the evil brothers Alter ego, Wario etc.