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Know about how to download music from tumblr?

The social networking site tumblr is famous for its updated blogs, which post all the recent updates of the world. Here people can chat connect to each other, share videos, music and pictures and write on their blogs. Registering blogs are completely free only you will have to give proper personal information. You can follow different people online and check for new updates and blogs. Now you can download videos from tumblr is easy ways. Most people prefer tumblr than twitter due to its distinctive features. Celebrities around the world mostly use tumblr.

How to use and sign up with tumblr?
• Click on tumblr to sign up a new account. Provide your personal details that are mentioned on the sign up page.
• Know what are the 7 types of post you can post there.
• Start searching and following people and let others follow you. If you make your account private others won’t be able to follow you.
• Read messages sent by others.
• Like others posts and also repost.
• Make interesting videos, click pictures and make your profile charming and interesting to reach people easily.
• Download videos from tumblr for further watching and like them.
• Try to post only original content.
How to download music from tumblr?
Know how to download audio from tumblr. Downloading music from tumblr is not a big deal. You will have to follow up certain steps:
• Open a browser and search the tumblr blog page. Click on the page where the music is uploaded and wait till it loads completely.
• Right click on the player button & Choose Inspect Element.
• There will be an audio preload auto section.
• Click to expand the area and copy from there.
• Open a new browser and paste the url and click go or enter.
• The file will be downloaded.


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