Things you must know about British Entertainment Industry

On a global level undoubtedly the entertainment industry is the United States is thriving and bringing in the big bucks. However, the British entertainment industry has contributed some great shows without which a global audience would have missed out on something great. The reason why some people consider United States is because many of the British based TV shows are produced there with a lot of actors belonging from the United Kingdom. The biggest example of this is the globally number one show, Game of Thrones. The show has a majority of British actors, including the lead ones but still it belongs to the kitty of United States as it is made by Home Box Office.

To compete with Home Box Office or other big studios in the US, the biggest company that exists is BBC. With a variety of top class shows produced over the years, they have captured a big audience globally. Some TV shows that you should totally watch are Doctor Who, Sherlock starring one of the Avengers; Benedict and Martin Freeman. You must have definitely watched one of the oldest running cars show ever, Top Gear on BBC. There are a lot of good shows that are available on television for which you should get iptv UK. With a wide channel range, an iptv subscription is all you need to get your daily dose of British Entertainment. For the past few years Downtown Abbey has been one of the most popular British TV shows.
The British entertainment industry is also responsible for giving the world some very fine actors, movie series such as James Bond, highly critically acclaimed movie like Clockwork Orange, The Kings Speech and many more. We suggest you to switch your attention to the British Industry as you know never know what work of theirs becomes a global success.