Ted Cruz – the Zodiac Killer

On Thursday New Jersey Governor Chris Christie talked to reporters about his endorsement of Donald Trump and responded to an explosion of memes invoking how distressed he appeared standing–literally and figuratively–supporting the deranged Republican frontrunner on stage the day of Super Tuesday.

“No, I was not being held hostage,” he promised, following several remixes of the soulless departure stare, which appeared to reflect a lot of our feelings regarding a theoretical Trump presidency, appeared on Vine. “These armchair psychiatrists should give it a rest. I had been standing up there now, supporting the individual who I think is the best man to beat Hillary Clinton of the remaining Republican candidates. This is why I endorsed him.”

Christie’s rebuttal on Thursday was not the first time this year that a meme created its way to the election cycle at a definite manner. A running joke asserting that Ted Cruz is covertly 1970s serial murderer the Zodiac killer has become one of the Best memes of the election, even migrating from Weird Twitter on a leading, real-life survey

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By 2015 that the hashtag #TedCruzIsTheZodiac and #ZodiacTed had picked up, and in February of 2016 a comic behind the meme actively attempted to get the Cruz/Zodiac link exhibited on the Google Trends ticker on the monitor through a televised discussion and succeeded, and it spread much farther.

Since that time tens of thousands of users have joined in on the joke, linking support for an idea that’s logistically not possible. Cruz was created in 1970, two years following the Zodiac Killer supposedly murdered seven individuals, but pointing out this inconsistency just leaves the meme funnier and does not reverse the real life effects it has had off and online. The Public Policy Poll conducted in late February indicated which 38 percent of voters contested actually thought Cruz is “possibly” that the Zodiac killer. Since then one activist has been utilizing the memeas a way of raising money for abortion, which induced one anti-abortion website to condemn the “desperate leftist” with the meme into “fundraise abortions.”


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