The best fake ID websites, perform a Legitfakeid review, know the results

On our Best False Identification Websites page, we aim to collect the opinions and experiences reported by buyers of false identifications about the providers they used.
In the particular case of, we decided to elaborate a legitfakeid review at the request of the visitors of our website, who asked us to carry out an evaluation of the products based on our own experience. The review review, therefore, went through a real order.

How did we do it? First, we define which states would be selected for this sample order since they cover almost the entire United States. We decided to request false IDs for the following states: Illinois, Ohio, New York, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania. Second, we follow the instructions on the web.
Once the order is received, we analyze it and place the score indicated in numbers from 1 to 10, based on the criteria listed below:
• Templates: (8 of 10) definitely the best templates to falsify ID that we have seen so far. It is difficult to differentiate between the false and the real. The colors match the originals and the material looks genuine.
• Holograms / UV: (8.5 out of 10). The holograms are perfect. They have a coincidence where they have to have it and even incorporate in the false identifications, the holograms that are only seen when applying black or ultraviolet light.
• Stealth/shipping: (8.5 out of 10). Although they promise the shipment in a week, in our case it took 10 days. However, the point to which we gave more value was stealth. In our case, they arrived in a Rolex box. Who could get to suspect that a false ID came in this package!
• Duplicates: (9 of 10) Each ID comes with a duplicate of equal quality.
Whatever the reason that leads you to order a false identification, we can say that after the sample obtained, this is one of the websites that will provide an almost identical to the original.


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