The World of Internet Radio is now Just a Click Away

Music is something which either voluntarily or unknowingly becomes an integral part of our lifestyle. It is a cure when you are having a tough day at job, home or school. With the advances in technology, gone are the days when we had to buy cassettes or disks or walkmans or such instruments to have a soulful day. Online music or playing songs through internet have paved its way into the mainstream quite efficiently.

What exactly is internet radio?
When we talk about music, it shall be viable to know that online music is a subset of internet radio as the aspects of radio also extend to sports, news and other kinds of talks. However, music is the centerpiece of the concept of Internet radio. Internet radio is basically an audio related service, which is transmitted through the internet.
Certain radio stations like Citadel Broadcasting and CBS radio have restrictions upon international streaming due to licensing issues, but most of the stations have an expatriate approach, i.e., you can listen to an Australian radio station even if you reside in North America.

The essentials of online streaming on an internet radio
The phenomenon of streaming is different from downloading as the former enables listening while the latter denotes listening even when you are offline. The three major essentials of internet radio are:
• Listening: The traditional radio receivers have found their places in the modern day PCs or tablets quite appropriately.
• Streaming: The distribution of the internet radio through different codec or transmission control protocols is the main purpose of streaming.
• Simulation: It includes every online radio programs which is on air, and played on the receiver.
Therefore, just a click on your mouse or a touch on your tablet enables you to listen to music from all around the world, thanks to the beautiful world of internet radio.


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