Things that you wanted to know about electric toothbrush

With so many toothbrushes in the market it could be very difficult to choose just one. It is not only about the many brands that are available but also about the type. There was a time that only manual brushes were available and you had to choose from among the various head types and bristle types but now you have to choose between the ways the brush is used. Now you have to choose between the manual and the electric toothbrush.

Why do dentists recommend electric toothbrush?
Generally, dentists tell you what is best for your teeth and recommend products that will benefit you and the health of your teeth. The important recommendation that a dentist can give you is on the toothbrush that must use. These days the dentists have been recommending electric toothbrush for braces. This is so because the electric toothbrush can clean better than the manual variants. The electric toothbrush is fitted with a motor that moves the head of the toothbrush in a certain direction. The human hands cannot move so precisely and with such speed making it easy for you keep a better oral hygiene using this kind of brush.
Which is the best electric toothbrush?
There are many companies that are making electric toothbrush and all of them claim their product to be the best. However, you need to make sure that you buy the brush that fulfils your needs. The bristles of the brush should be soft with rounded edges so that they do not abrade the tooth enamel. The rounded edges also do not damage the gums if they come in contact with them. The head should be small enough to reach the farthest corner of your mouth to provide better cleaning of back teeth. Finding the right kind of brush will make it easy to maintain a problem free dentition.


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