Top 3 richest author

Many people in the world love to read novels and increase their vocabulary. Some read for their interest but only few of them notice author name on book. Few author created best book and in some time it becomes popular and they earn lots and lots of money by their writing skills and their net worth is very high. So in this article reader know about the famous author net worth.

Richest authors net worth
Let’s explore the author’s net worth also some interesting things about them that no one don’t know.
J.k Rowling: J.k Rowling is one of the well-known author in the world. She wrote Harry Potter series and in today’s era the series become a brand of $15 million. The net worth of J.k Rowling is $1billion. Do you know that in starting Harry Potter book is rejected by 12 publishers? But now it is very famous and make huge amount of money.

Jim Davis: Jim Davis is comic script writer and his net worth is $800 million. He writes Garfield comic script and that script win many awards. In starting of his career life he wrote gnorm gnat to get some bugs after some time he write his own comic script and that is published in newspaper. Now he is a millionaire from his Garfield script.
Candy spelling: Candy spelling is an incredible woman and her net worth is $600 million. She is an author, television personality, and a philanthropist. She wrote many books and become popular but stories from candyland, the story of her life is the best and top selling books of Los Angeles bookstore market. She also daily writes for TMZ.com, L.A confidential, etc. and she married from TV producer.
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