Top ways of troubleshooting an electric cigarette

An electronic cigarette is basically an electronic device. As such, the device is likely to fail in one way or the other and this may require troubleshooting. Troubleshooting the device should not be difficult since it will all depend on what parts of the device have stopped working. For example, if the light indicator at the top of the e-cigarette battery continues to flash even without using it and there is little to no vapor being produced, it means that the battery needs to be recharged. Once the battery is recharged you will be able to vape without interruptions.

There are some cases where an electronic cigarette stops producing vapor or emits a burnt taste. This factor usually occurs when there is a problem with the cartridge that contains the flavor. Burnt taste means the cartridge is old and needs to be replaced with a new one. When using the electronic cigarette, the LED light at the top of the battery will always glow. In a situation where the indicator fails to glow, there are possible reasons why this could be happening. First, the battery could be low and needs to be charged. Secondly, the caps on the flavor cartridge are not removed.

Thirdly, the cartridge may be old and needs to be replaced. If a cartridge is more than 6 months old, the indicator will not glow. There are cases whereby the battery on the device is fully charged but the e-cigarette produces little or no vapor. When this happens, it means the cartridge is old and needs to be replaced. If the cartridge is new but no vapor is being produced, consider installing another cartridge. While it is very rare, defects with flavor cartridge are possible. If you try several cartridges with no results even after fully charging the battery, consider contacting the manufacturer or the vendor for technical help.


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