Use digital signatures to reduce tampering and frauds

With the advent of technology, computers have totally replaced papers and changed the way business is done. Today, clients staying in the other part of the world are signing the digital contract papers and sending to the business in another part of the world, thus making the contract cut between both the parties quickly. In electronic signature, the person will not sign their names with pen instead uses digital means to sign the documents, such as stylus to sign on the credit card pad. Many businesses irrespective of sign are using digital signature to get their contract papers signed. There are many freedigital signature software vendors who are providing this service with umpteen features to the clients globally. However, you need to check the features prior to availing the service.

Many businesses today are using digital signature for documents (assinatura digital para documentos) due to the following reasons
Cut down expenses: Businesses use digital sign in different ways. No matter for what purpose they use, but its main intent is to reduce cost and assure security. For instance, if you are developing a product for your client and you want to create a design for the project and want their approval. Earlier, people used to send this design plan and contract papers in mail and would wait for days together until they receive the signed contract papers to execute the project. In addition, if there are any revisions, people used to revise and resend them and wait for the approval again. This is undoubtedly a time-consuming process. Earlier, this process used to take months together, but now this time has curtailed to days and sometimes even hours.
Reduce paperwork: When you use e-signatures, you can reduce the usage of papers, thus making the world eco-friendly. Though, the document is of 100 pages, it does not consume a few MB of the hard drive space.
Reduce fraud: E-signatures will totally keep fraud at bay. For instance, if your contract signed papers are delivered to the wrong address and is felt in the hands of woes, then it could cause a huge reputation loss to your organization whereas when you use emails to send the contract papers, you would send to the right destination with the data encrypted.


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