Want to know the simple steps to cook rice?

Using a rice cooker is a simple and the easiest way to cook rice. There are many different types of rice cooker available in the market from them some rice cookers easily keep the rice warm for long time. Electric cooker has change the way of cooking rice, now there is no need to watch the rice cooker as the automatic timer is set that switch off the rice cooker when the rice is ready. Here we will show you how to cook rice so to minimize the chance of burnt rice and ruined pots.

Steps to cook rice:

• Measure the rice with a cup: The first step is to measure rice with the cup and pour it into the pot. Many times rice cooker comes with the measuring cup. If not then use your ordinary cups to pour the rice. One cup of uncooked rice will generate anywhere from 1 ½ cups to three cups cooked rice.

• Risen the rice if necessary: There are many people who refer to risen the rice in order to remove all the pesticides or other bacteria present in the rice. Some of the broken grains that release extra starch into the rice, which need to be raisen properly two to three time with drinking water.

• Measure the water: The water should be measured and poured in the cooker, how much water you add is depend upon the kind of rice you are cooking and how soft you prefer it. These days there are marks inside the rice cooker to indicate how much rice and water is to be poured.

• Cook rice in your rice cooker: Lock the cooker and then wait for 10 minutes for the rice to be cooked. In some of the rice cooker simply have an on/off button which specify the period the rice is cooked and button need to be turn off.

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