What are optical illusions and types of it?

The optical illusions is also known visual illusion which is caused by images which differ from objective reality. All the information which is gathered by the eyes is actually processed by the brain as it provides the perception that does not match with the physical measurement of stimulus sources. There are three types of optical illusion i.e. physiological illusion which is the effect of extreme stimulation of specific type like color, brightness, size, next is a literal optical illusion which creates images of different form to make an object. And the last one is a cognitive illusion which results in the unconscious inference. This illusion can be classified into categories which include physical and cognitive.

What is an optical illusion?
The optical illusion is the visual stimuli which are perceived by eyes then comprehended by the brain in the way which is different from reality. Since our brain needs to define reality which is based on familiar and simple objects as it creates a whole image from a single element. This image is neither vase nor silhouettes but is merely the design of white and black shape.
Types of optical illusion
Cognitive illusion
This illusion happens when the brain perceives an object which is based on prior assumption. The face/vase is the perfect example of a cognitive illusion.
Literal illusion
The literal illusion is that when brain depicts an image which is completely different from the object that creates it. The best example for literal illusion is 3D paintings.
Physiological illusion
This illusion follows the bright light or adapts contingent after effect.
What is a stereogram?
It is a multidimensional graphic images and computer generated that contains hidden content. That hidden content can only be seen from a proper mental and visual perspective. This stereogram has multiple levels of reality in it. There is a surface level which has a variety of patterns and colors that make stereogram appeared. And you will be receiving the correct form of an image.


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