What is greywater? Water the garden more constantly without increasing your water bill with Greywater

what is greywater? At Watercraft we designed and installed your Greywater system. We have automatic gray water bypass devices that are the most appropriate for homes, a simple system, lower cost and proper maintenance works perfectly.

Among the automatic devices are:
G-Flow system, designed to take gray water from the washing machine through a waste pipe, and comprises a small compensation tank mounted on the wall, a valve and overflow to divert water to the sewer or garden, a removable basket with easy-to-clean filters and a small pump that pushes the water in the drip irrigation underground.

Gray Flow System larger for gray water throughout the house, is a larger system designed to take gray water showers, toilets, sinks, and laundry, therefore it is installed underground, and comprises a larger compensation tank, an entrance of 100mm in diameter, horizontal filters that can be cleaned automatically, a pump according to the size of the garden.

The gray water of the kitchen, including the dishwasher, is not advisable to reuse them, due to the possible presence of food and fat residues that can clog the system. It should be borne in mind that no system stores gray water that has not been treated but is used immediately to irrigate in the garden or thrown into the sewer.

If you still do not know What is greywater at we give you the most detailed information about it. Why use gray water? What are the benefits and benefits? How much does it cost to install a gray water diversion system? What risks or problems can use gray water?

Enter already on our website and you will know these and all the answers to your concerns regarding the installation of a system of the automatic derivation of gray water. At Watercraft we are waiting to assist you.


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