Why custom packaging boxes can help businesses save on shipping costs

Many businesses today consider custom packaging to be more than the visual expression of a brand. It is true that great product packaging gets consumers excited about the contents inside the boxes and can create a unique unboxing experience. But at the same time, the use of custom packaging boxes gives businesses an opportunity of saving a lot of money in the form of shipping fees. But how much can a business lose from failing to use custom-sized packaging boxes? Major carriers nowadays use DIM (dimensional weight) pricing when shipping products. This means that these companies calculate shipping fees depending on the volume of the package instead of the weight.

These companies are doing this in order to prevent their delivery vehicles from filling up before reaching their original weight capacity. This can actually make shipping cost more expensive for retailers. The DIM pricing structure only means that whenever a business uses oversized boxes, (especially in cases where the products are not standard sizes) the business could be paying a lot of money for the wasted space. If you are not shipping your products using custom packaging boxes, you are generally losing a lot of money. This is because immediately the DIM aspect went down; the cost of shipping products went up.
Therefore, if you are shipping light products using oversized or non-customized packaging boxes, you are losing money. This should show you that custom packaging today is no longer an excellent way of upgrading your consumer experience, but it is also a cost-saving strategy that can guarantee your business long-term benefits. Brand recognition and memorability should not just be the two factors for using custom packaging boxes. Reducing shipping costs should be an additional factor for using custom packaging boxes. In fact, it is estimated that a business can reduce up to 300% of shipping costs by using custom packaging boxes.


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