Why repair shop CRM software must be configured and customized

When you buy a repair shop crm software program for your business, it will be impossible for you to start using it immediately. In fact, it is not recommended that you start using the system immediately. This is because the software is not specially designed for your business, despite the fact that the software is designed for businesses within your industry. In order to start using the software, you will have to configure and customize it. When implementing a CRM software solution, you will have to discuss more about changes. These changes will fit into two main categories and these include configuration and customization.

Configuration comes in many forms. With the software you have purchased, configuration may include the various items that will be handled through settings within the repair shop software. Good examples in this case would include setting up security and users, tailoring essential screens and field names, identifying CRM system defaults and modifying configurable rules. Generally, every CRM software program will need some form of configuration in order to start using the software. As such, it is highly recommended that you work closely with your IT team to help you configure the software. If you do not have an IT team, consider consulting IT experts or the CRM vendor.
When it comes to customization, this will entail making the necessary changes that need modifying the standard code. Depending on what you want from the phone repair shop software, your IT team will have to modify the existing code. The code may have to be modified in order to add new functions or forms, or add new controls to the software. Customizing the software is not easy and it requires high level of coding to get things right. This also means that you should plan the customizations carefully to get the best value from the CRM software program.


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