Wooden Floors Are In

If youn’t believe wooden flooring are in high demand, just try seeing a show like “House Hunters” on HGTV. If you’d a dollar for every time someone said the phrase “hardwood floors” you could pay your cable bill.

Why wooden floors?
— They Are long-lasting. It is common for century old houses to have the first wood floors. With appropriate attention, just about any other flooring will be outlived by wooden floors.
— They seem wealthy. When the price of carpeting and vinyl flooring got low enough, wooden floors were reserved for high end uses.
Will there be a disadvantage to wooden floors?
— They can not be hot. Wood is less friendly to the feet on a chilly morning than carpeting, while much less cold as stone floors.
— They can not be cheap. By definition, hardwood trees are slow-growing. That slow growth habit gives them the magnificent grains we need in our wooden floors. In addition, it means that the trees such a floor is made up of price more.
Okay, you need that wooden floor. What are the options?
— Conventional tongue and wooden flooring. This can be the most expensive alternative. Additionally, it may not be easy to install. Regular refinishing will be required by such a floor.
— Laminates. These are pre-completed and are not difficult for even the rather gifted do it yourselfer to install. After installed wooden laminate floors look just like the “real” matter. Generally more affordable.


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